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Operated by the company PRAGUE TRAVEL PASS s.r.o., PRAGUE CITY PASS is a Prague tourism system that provides free admission to the most popular attractions in the city without waiting. It also provides many other discounts and benefits. Once the PRAGUE CITY PASS is purchased, cardholders can head straight for the entrance of Prague attractions without waiting in ticket office queues. Furthermore, the discounts help customers save money.

PRAGUE CITY PASS exists in three forms:

  • PRAGUE CITY PASS as a paper card can be purchased:
    • in person in the network of sales locations, or
    • online at or on partner servers; the pass is then sent to the customer by post to the address entered in the online order form, or
    • online at or on partner servers; the pass is then delivered to the customer at the hotel entered on the online order form.
  • PRAGUE CITY PASS as a printout following an online order.
  • PRAGUE CITY PASS in electronic form on the screen of a mobile phone or other mobile electronic device with online orders (will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2013).

PRAGUE CITY PASS always includes a unique numerical and EAN code (the number is the same as the barcode) to verify the validity of the costumer’s pass upon entering individual attractions. A turnstile reader is used to check codes at some attractions (Prague Castle), while elsewhere codes are checked by staff at the entrance using a reader or manually. Using PRAGUE CITY PASS is fast and simple!

The sticker with the EAN code lists the type of pass – ADULT or JUNIOR (youth between the age of 6 and 16). Children under the age of 6 are admitted free to the offered attractions.

PRAGUE CITY PASS validity is 30 days from the date of sale. Whereas other tourist cards are usually only valid for a couple of days, PRAGUE CITY PASS gives you enough time to see everything at a relaxed pace. Tickets to each monument vary in the period of validity from the first entry. Validity is indicated on the labels, which can be found at PRAGUE TRAVEL PASS. Attractions can only be entered once.

The customer is required to determine the opening hours of individual attractions and to respect notifications concerning potential closings of individual attractions listed on the website and the websites of individual operators from the links provided on As opening hours are subject to change, they cannot be printed on the pass; nevertheless, information centre staff should be prepared to inform tourists of current opening hours.

Partner operators of individual attractions reserve the right to limit access to attractions, especially for reasons beyond the control of the operator (force majeure, technical reasons). Attractions may also be closed for short periods of time due to state visits. However, these situations are rare.

PRAGUE CITY PASS is not returnable. Once purchased, it is not possible to cancel an order and return money to the customer. Likewise, unused admission to individual attractions cannot be redeemed. PRAGUE CITY PASS is sold as a single product, not as its individual parts. The loss or destruction of a pass does not entitle the customer to a new pass. The customer is entitled to exchange a pass whose code proves to be non–functional. The operator will then exchange the defective pass for a new one.